• Small US company (specifically: designed my current hometown, Richmond, VA). Think Elephant NFE's, manufactured by bmx company FBM up in New York (though that's apparently changing for future runs).

    They'll fit 2.2 XC tires, modern road cranks, and are low-trail and thru-axle, which was all stuff I was interested in when upgrading from a Cross Check I'd been using for mixed-terrain touring and occasional townie duties.

  • They're a tiny company; "production" runs that are like 20 frames sorta thing. I think they're gonna do another run at some point, but right now they're focusing on a couple other models.

    @velosaurus hah, thanks! Who's your mate in RVA? I might know them.

    I gather it's been kind of a pain to have FBM build these particular frames, as they have a shitload of features, thinner tubing than a bmx bike, etc. I think next runs of bikes are being produced in Taiwan, which makes sense to me. But I like the FBM guys and would like to pick up one of their bmx bikes at some point.

    @Thrust the Surly 24-pack racks just have braze-ons in that spot, cage bolts right on. Saw someone on IG had done it, figured I'd give it a shot. Works ok. Used it on a bikepacking trip and only had a big Nalgene eject once. Since then I've left them on as a conversation starter because people always ask about mounting them there, lol.


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