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  • I am gathering ideas for my first frame build, which is going to be beginning of next year at the Bicycle Academy. I want to go there with a clear vision in mind and all the choice of components already sorted out.

    The idea is to build a gravel bike with a Columbus steel tubeset and disc brakes. The first two question that come to my mind are:

    1. are there specific tubeset for disc brakes, or they are all the same for rim and disc?
    2. I see the Columbus Futura Gravel fork takes flat mount brakes. What about the rear brakes, can I put a flat mount on custom steel tubes? or do I need post mount?


  • You can get Columbus chainstays which are specifically shaped for brazing on flat mount caliper mounts - SLF114OV450SX, SLF114OV450DX for the driveside.

    Alternatively, Paragon make dropouts with flat mount bits you can braze onto the NDS chainstay (DR2071 in steel for QR rear end - Ceeway sell them). Or you could use Paragon Polydrops with a flat mount insert.

    Or you can make it standard and then braze some flat mount caliper mounts directly onto and into the chainstay. It's a lot of work but I think it looks best. This was my recent effort:


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