• Do you mean in terms of its state of maintenance or its overall shape? What you often find, despite external appearances, is that people who live there can be very attached to these older builds. I mean, I criticise things like that architecturally quite often; for instance, I don't like open walkway estates, but then you meet people who say they like precisely that aspect (sometimes because for them it still represents progress, e.g. 'streets in the sky'. Plus, of course, people often know each other there well, and the most important thing for them can be the community and not how the place is built.

  • Often older people don't like change so I would expect some resistance from people who look back with rose tinted spectacles.
    However some of those estate are incredibly grim and dreary places. Often making people anti social and a haven for crime especially drugs.
    They can also be expensive for the council and tenants to maintain. Having all the problems of older buildings. Not true of all older estates but certainly this one.


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