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  • My next build is going to be a French randonneur inspired touring/audax bike. 650B fat tyres, lugs, chromed racks - retro but with a modern twist as it'll have hydro discs and Di2. Given the retro theme, and because I've never done one before, I'm going to make a steel fork for it.

    I'm aware of the potential pitfalls of make disc brake forks, and I'm planning to use 853 disc specific fork blades which should be up to the job. I could, of course, go down the tried and tested route of using an ISO mount, a PM adaptor and then using PM calipers, but I want to have flat mount calipers.

    This means making a steel flat mount caliper fork. Rather than trying to copy most carbon forks, and fitting threaded inserts into the fork legs than an adaptor bolts onto, I'd like to try and make it so that the flat mount caliper mounts directly onto the fork legs (without the adaptor) and then the bolts go in from the front of the fork.

    This will require some top-hat shaped inserts with an oval-ish slotted hole to allow side-to-side adjustment of the caliper, and I'm still rather doubtful that there will be enough space inside the fork leg for both the top-hat caliper mount and the dynamo hub wire. Any views on why this is otherwise a terrible idea and will result in me having to wear dentures for the rest of my life? I'll try and do some quick sketches of what I'm trying to achieve, on the Picture=1000 words basis.

  • potential pitfalls of make disc brake forks

    In terms of safety, or in terms of the compromise(s) to comfort/compliance/weight?

    Regardless, new age fun with vintage feel randonneuse sounds like an exciting if challenging project.


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