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  • I think they have benefited from publicity tbh @Oliver Schick as they we're not in the same league of marketing capability of say Giro cycles in esher of LMNH, but these are much more established. It is still more of a word of mouth place people discover and I'm sure Lee the owner could have done without the criminal charges threats and having to put out endless notices on social media telling his customers what they can and cannot do due to the injunction.

    I still cannot get over the letters which went out to local cycling clubs telling them to stop using the cafe... totally unaccepable abuse of power.

    I suspect they cut a deal on the basis Leigh Day would have used the argument Velolife could counter sue the council for negative impact on trade etc.

    It was nice to see it thriving on Saturday and Sunday and not just with cyclists, the racks outside were packed with bikes, but also dog walkers, runners etc.

  • Exactly...the real shock for me is that one solitary complaint could potentially sink a thriving business and leave staff unemployed.
    And the owner potentially bankrupt.