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  • Reminds me of the excitement when I learnt! Congrats.

    And the weight shouldn't be an arm ache, perhaps you were tensing.

  • Yea it was literally just the weight of the steering on my skinny arms, having just jumped off a Yamaha 125 lawnmower. All the nerves have gone now!

    I’d already ordered Motorcycle Roadcraft Police Rider’s Handbook, Lee Parks’ Total Control, and the Twist of the Wrist books. When I’m learning I need to understand why/how, remove the uncertainty of something before putting it into practice. Lots of great reading to do before I can next jump on a bike.

  • My instructor gave me that police book. I read it a few times, and learnt a few things. It's good.
    Coming from cycling your hazard perception and awareness will be pretty good already (unless you're one of those terrible cyclists in bad cycling thread! ;).) So it's more about controlling the bike.
    When I passed I spend a long time going to car parks and getting my slow manoeuvring down and building from there. Check out motorbike gymkhana, awesome stuff.
    If you do get into it look at joining a local ROSPA group and going out with them/instructor.

    I used to hunk a blackbird around at 72kg, with serious cyclist arms. You'll be fine. It's just able learning to get the bike to do the work for you. A lot comes from the hips and legs.

    Enjoy! Motorbikes are awesome.


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