• When I had a one bed flat I kept it inside. This was before I properly started getting into bikes though & only had one! Was a bit of a faff squeezing it in a very small lift though.

    Bought a house this year, & when we were looking for a house earlier this year, a room for bikes was a vital on the list. Never kept them outside - nearly all of the bikes are steel so wouldn't feel happy knowingly keeping them in a potentially rusty place.

    Current bike room in our three bed semi in Leeds. Hoping to extend into the redundant driveway for room for more bikes (maybe even a cargo bike) & a workshop in the new year.

    When my girlfriend lived in her flat, she used to keep bikes in the hall - upstairs behind two locked doors (requiring different keys) & she still had two nicked. Kept them in the second bedroom after that, even with the inconvenience of carrying a bike up stairs & through five doors, it was better than risking leaving them outside. Became a bit of a pain when I got into riding off road & had to do that trek with a muddy bike. Thank goodness for our outdoor tap these days.

  • The plan is to at least double the width of the room, then figure out a neater way of arranging the bikes (hooks maybe). In the meantime it's a lot neater - the knack is in the tessellation.


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