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  • Does anyone have any experience with bread machines?

    My wife has expressed an interest in one as she is (her words) "Shit and lazy at kneading"

    Budget of around £100

  • I don't, but it might be worth checking out Dan Lepard's Short and Sweet.

    Minimal kneading technique with a focus on resting/lightly handling the dough, I've used it and the bread is amazing and it's perfect for lazy breadmaking sans-machine.

  • Here's the recipe from the book I use for daily white bread.

  • Probably need to talk about this in hushed tones around these parts, but I use a Panasonic SD2500. It has done 2-3 loaves a week for I’m guessing about 6 years now. It’s been faultless, would definitely recommend for the time poor/can't be bothered to kneed crowd. Opening the kitchen door first thing in the morning to the smell of bread as the machine has just finished never gets boring.


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