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  • Hope 20five are £400 rrp, pro 4 or rs4 hubs.

    Pick those up for £200-250

    Avoid Novatec even if your bargain hunting.

  • 20five are £400 rrp, pro 4 or rs4 hubs.

    Thanks. They need to be strong if I'm replacing the touring wheels, so will avoid the novatecs. Would be nice not to have the faff of storing more spare wheels.

    the 20fives/pro4 come out at around 1900g which I've realised is pretty light. Current wheelset probably nearly 3kg.

  • GRX is great eh, my work friend has it and the braking is mind blowing. Can’t justify replacing my RS685 currently but maybe one day.

    The hope 20five rims aren’t all that tough as I found out on tour.

    Unless you’re a featherweight and by “off road” You’re talking about plodding along forest roads I’d avoid. Great hubs tho.


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