• My GF is not even close to being a cyclist (she only learned to ride a bike by the time she turned 27) as it’s not very common to use a bike where she’s from. It might be a bit different for me as I work in the cycling industry so she knows bikes are an important part of both my life and our income. She never complains about any of my bikes. I always make sure the bikes are clean which probably helps. I’ve “sacrificed” one of our bathrooms to store the Baum and any other bike I get in from work. The daily commuter (Bombtrack) is kept in the downstairs garage which is part of the house.

    So far we’ve lived in three different houses in two different countries and I’ve always been able to come up with a solution. It’s a matter of willing to listen and understand each other. To be fair, I did make her a walk-in closet in every house so far. I wouldn’t call it a comprise, I’d rather go for an understanding .


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