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  • Not sure I’d feel comfortable taking 120 quid from someone

    Indeed. Without wanting to piss on Vince's chips, it's a tough sell when £129.99 gets you a shiny new BTwin Riverside 100

  • With a 2 years warranty.

    If I was a casual cyclist new to London, I would buy that Decathlon bike and abuse the warranty until it was inevitably stolen.
    Or needed a service as most "gold service" cost more than that bike.

    But people like vintage bikes. And singlespeed bikes.

    @PhilDAS I personally would never buy a gas pipe, however this had been serviced.
    I have greased / adjusted both BB & headset.
    It has new wheels / tyres.
    Not the worst deal for £100/£120.

    So I will not offend you all by posting it here!


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