• Hive mind, I need help... My gf and I are discussing shared/co habitation. She's stated that I cannot have my bike inside. I said this is not even feasible.

    I've said that I'd do a poll to see if people keep their bicycles inside their main residence or if they're housed outside whether it's a shed or against a lamppost. How they are stored every night (Daily commuters) or long term storage (dream)/ centre of pride bike) .

    If you do store your bike outside your main residence, what measures do you take?

    This is to show a non cyclist what the options are. Maybe broaden my views...

    She's adament that ppl don't store bikes inside. She says it makes her think of student housing.

    I would like some help. I don't see an issue wirh it hung on the wall near the door with a coat rack for my kit... She does.

    Your insight is appreciated. How did you deal with dating a non cyclist.

    (if theres a more appropriate thread please merge and let me know...)

  • How wide is the hallway? How many bikes? How wet and stinky will it/they be? What part of the body will come into contact with it? Do you really want a Brompton?