• Silver or brass for lugged fork crowns?

    I’m torn between brass as (I imagine) it would be stronger but I’d have to get everything hotter and/or it might not penetrate as well as silver.

  • What did you go for in the end? I'm about to do my first fork and thinking the same thing. The tolerances aren't as tight as the book suggests they should be.

    Really stoked on the jig I've made. Slightly ambitious and going for thru axle but i think this will keep everything solid.

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  • Jig looks good.

    I’ve done a steerer replacement with brass and I’ve put legs I took out of a 1” crown/steerer into a new 1 1/8” crown with silver. I haven’t ridden either yet but I think I feel better about how the silver flowed in. Made me feel like it’d be a better joint. By the time I got everything hot enough for the brass to flow I felt like I was cooking the flux.


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