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  • Advance Warning: don't read the article text. It's clearly part of an outreach programme where they let a random reddit poster write a review.

    big lol

    Joking aside I do quite like him. He's good on the podcast. I don't listen to it all that often but if there's a guest who piques my interest, I do, and he's always entertaining to listen to. Lives around the corner from me as well.

  • I almost gave up at;

    Don't get me wrong, the white and pink gold models were and are stunning, but something about hearing "steel and yellow gold" just sounded right to me.

    but when he said;

    as a daily-driver

    I had to stop.

    Magazine articles can often be a bit up themselves, so I guess a change can be nice. But that does genuinely read like a long forum post.


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