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  • Update on the CBT thing. When I spoke to them on the phone, I expressed that I wanted to do a full DAS and didn’t want to rush. Going from zero motor experience, I want to do things properly not quickly. I was booked for Tuesday but it got bumped to today due to unforeseens.

    This morning the guy said especially if the plan was a DAS, then rather than rushing the minimum levels of competence, get all the basics down as good as possible. I decided I was happier taking longer in the small carpark to go from zero experience to a small level of competence, then do the on-road another day.

    Did almost every manoeuvre, including a number like U-turns in very narrow cones closer to real lane width. Took way longer than I anticipated to train the hands/feet coordination. After a few hours it’s amazing how much less daunting feathering a clutch or shifting first into second can be. Lots and lots of slow slow riding practice, keeping steering steady while lifesaver-ing. Lots of ‘bollocks!’ releasing the clutch and stalling, distracted by visualising junction line and thinking front brake rear brake road position first gear and all in the wrong order.

    No whiskey throttling, no bike dropping, only one tiny skid on emergency stop practice, and no moments of panic. But, no on-road yet either.

    Got the on-road for Friday morning for as long as necessary, still nervous about that as feeling a bit fingers and thumbs. Could do with a dummy cockpit (to practice while watching the tv), it’s grabbing the front lever and not revving the engine that’s my biggest hurdle. I hate that lever, doesn’t feel right.

    But woah, after all day my head was full. My body lacked any coordination by the time I got home! Exhausted!

  • Good work fella. Don't pressure yourself too much, it'll all come together. What are you riding? Try braking with two fingers if the stoppers are up to it, gives you a bit more control of the throttle.


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