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  • ... or leave it outside. Or use it too much. Or have to replace the parts with carefully sourced OEM originals.

    Lots of reasons really, but not least because the OG ones are 30yo.

    Even including that expensive bodykit, a GS1200 is still probably 30%-50% cheaper. And let's be honest, a 5-10yo GS1200 has done most of it's depreciating, whilst still being rock solid, tried and tested bike.

    The main thing that attracted me tho was that it was a GS that looked cool rather than the usual mid-life crises WITH ALL THE ACCESSORIES and a Polite hi-vis.

  • I know the bikes pretty well. My 40 year old takes a bit of fettling but parts are easy. I think £8-10k gets you a really nice GS, they are great engines and the skill to get them running well and keep the running well is something anyone can learn.

    The more recent BMW I had was the R1150 and the low speed fuelling issues in that model were really unpleasant, they are more efficient and much more powerful but you have to put up with the electronics controlling things a bit.

    I should have made my reply a bit more general, I just meant that if the looks of the older model are what one wants one should not shy away from pursuing that as the reality of living with one is pretty pleasant. :)


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