• ^ as above, if you really want a Rolex GMT, the options seem to be to either get something similar, that will be sold at a loss in the near future, and you'll buy a Rolex.
    Or buy something not similar, so when you cave and pay over the odds/ grey market/ somehow jump to the top of the list and get the GMT you will have an alternative for days you want something different.

    I recommend the FrankenDiesel on previous pages, you'll never get bored of looking at that thing.

  • Agreed. Is there a reason you want a GMT or do you want a Rolex GMT?

    Personally if I wanted a GMT I'd buy a Grand Seiko. But then I can't really imagine a modern day situation where the functionality of a GMT is required. For context I travel a lot and use a radio controlled G-Shock mtg if I'm on business - accurate and inconspicuos. Is there a reason for rolex GMT other than the potential rise in value?


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