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  • Gave up on Walking Dead S8. Better call Saul sooo drawn out and tedious, gave up despite feelings towards characters

    If it's a drag, quit. My new maxim.

  • @EB ..think I gave up after S04 already and looking back I should have stopped even sooner and gotten some good sleep instead, ha. Won't forget how thrilled I was at the beginning of the show though, that was really quite something.. maybe they should've just give it a real dark ending after, say, S03 and call it a day.
    Wanted to see some numbers on viewers throughout the series and did not find them, yet just saw on wikipedia that the last reason (S09) got the best ratings ever so apparently they must have done something right..­g_Dead_(TV_series)#Reception

    Do not agree regarding Better Call Saul though - I feel it's deliberately slow paced and introvert in a way, and gotta say I really like it.


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