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  • ok, cool story bro time

    so this morning i was about to go to work and because i had stuff planned for the afternoon i took clothes with me to change. i usually don't wear the Panerai to work so i took it with me and put it inside my boots. got over to the car, put my clothes inside the car, the camera and tripod as well,got in and off to work. 15 minutes later i park. i reached to get something from the back seats and noticed that the boots were missing. i forgot the boots with the watch inside on top of the car. run like hell to get back home. reach home, no boots or watch anywhere. gone. walked for like 2km from the route i took, no boots or watch anywhere. i started knocking on neighbours doors hoping that someone saw something. a woman next door told me that her husband saw some shoes in the middle of the road but he didn't stop. next house that had security cameras couldn't help because the cameras could not see the road. i called the police maybe someone found something and gave it to them but nothing. around 3 hours later of me stressing and kicking my self for my stupidity a guy calls the area developer (there are many new houses where i live and the developer is always there) and tells him he found a pair of boots and a watch. he said he saw the boots and thought they would do for hunting!!! we run over to his work and he had the boots and the watch.. you can imagine my relief when i got the watch back.
    the watch has a couple of scars now from the fall. i guess they are now a part of the story and a reminder of my stupidity :)


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