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  • They’re a tool watch with a workhorse movement that was designed to be constructed to a price. You could argue that the luxury pricing these days is something of a stretch, but they will never not be popular. And to be honest, there aren’t that many cheaper mechanical chronographs, even hand-wound ones.

    The one thing with the cam-actuated 861/1861 movements is the pusher “click” feel is never going to be as nice as a column wheel design. That might have contributed to your impression of a lack of quality?

  • I love the design, the legacy and all about this watch. It’s great but it just didn’t feel like a €4800 watch to me. But as I said - this is the first Speedmaster I’ve seen in real life.

  • I suppose its just a matter of personal opinion but for me, the Speedmaster was overpriced as soon as it went above £3.5k.


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