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  • Good luck fella, will be waiting for news.
    Hope the outcome is as good as Dizzy’s was yesterday. Took her in for an MOT and some jabs, but nothing obvious found regarding her over-grooming so it may just be her being even more fussy than usual with her grooming. Good news is that her heart is fine (it’s a big issue with Coons) and that she’s in great shape. I drove to the vet with her sting on the passenger seat and just carries her into the surgery in my arms, she’s so placid she just sat calmly and got lots of “oohs” from staff and owners.

    Then she rewarded me last night by bringing a mouse into the bedroom and chasing it around for about 30 minutes til I scared her out with the hair dryer. Found lots of blood in the kitchen this morning so I guess it all got a bit messy....


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