• Ah I missed your expanded reply, thank you, good input!

    yes these are all good reasons to probably swerve birdy, especially the greater dealer/general knowledge available around Brompton modification.

    I had noted from pictures that the cable routing opening looks a bit dicey

    Are you the person who works at Sjs/has your username changed?

  • touring in Europe and in the Pyrenees

    The Pyrenees bit would put me off the Brompton. Great bike overall, esp for commuting, but imho the handling isn't great once out of a town/commute situation. I've ridden mine (s-type) for 30+ miles around the Chilterns and it's fairly terrifying at speed downhill. I've seen people in the Alps touring on them though, and a bag on the front does calm it down a bit, but it wouldn't be my choice as much as I'd like it to work in places like that. My old Dahon with the re-bar type frame is a much calmer, more confident ride at speed in hilly areas but isn't close the the fold or quality of the Brompton.


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