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  • There's a whole range of options out there so it's useful to narrow it down a bit.

    Budget is obviously the main thing, how much do you want to spend, new or second hand?

    The size/weight, will she be carrying it around all day or is that not too important? Will it get bashed around or will it mainly be sat on a desk? Will it be used standalone or mainly with a keyboard and monitor?

    How important is battery life?

    Is it Word or is it just some form of word processor (e.g. would google docs be OK)? Is it used for anything else, gaming, programming, etc

  • Quick answers. Budget at a push £500 but £350 is more realistic. Shouldn’t be moved about too much. Word is a must as far as I can see. Battery life is not important. Will be used with its screen. Sound is not that important.
    Thanks for responding so quickly.
    And new would be preferable.


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