• Can't say I am v impressed with brompton ATM.

    Got a new b75 a few months back . It's been used maybe once a week since then, if that, and the other day I noticed the seat post was very hard to put down and take up when folding and unfolding.

    Took it into my nearest Brompton dealer, a shop on forest road in E17, and the geezer there starts saying the seat post is bent and that brompton probably won't replace under warranty as it could be down to my aggressive riding style. Wtf? I weigh 12.5 stone which is well within the weight tolerances. My missus has a Brompton too and that one we've had no problems with.

    They've retained the bike to speak to brompton but if I get a call saying I'm going to have to wear this I shall be most unhappy.


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