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  • I finally decided to sell my Straggler and as I'll have bike-storage space to replace it, I thought I'd put something fun together for as little money as possible.

    Since I replaced my ratty track frame with something I don't want to get all bashed up, I don't actually have a bike I'm enthusiastic about locking up in town. Also, my road bike has been taking a weather-based beating this year already, so the idea is to tick both boxes. A beater-ish bike that I can do proper rides on and not constantly be wishing I was on my other bike, basically.

    I have a frame on the way that appears perfect for my purposes: a 90s Simoncini that looks like it was reasonably handsome in it's day. Not sure on the tubing - kind of don't care, but also hoping it's SL (my best guess on what I could see of the tubing decal). It was dirt cheap and has a bit of style, which is the important thing.

    This is the kind of project I find most interesting personally, so I thought I'd bother with a thread.


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