• A superlight is £1.6k, so a ti main frame and stem for another grand sounds about right. That’s the figure he was given at Brompton a way.

    Didn’t realise the SL is only. 0.7kg lighter than a stock bike either. Not really worth the effort is it?

  • 10% of that saving is them not giving you a frame-mounted pump. The weight saving of the Ti fork and triangle is about 500g.

    It made a bit more sense when the Ti model also included a lighter front wheel and a Ti seatpost. Both since discontinued.

  • If it's a Brompton project then hopefully they've redesigned it for Ti. Over on the CTC forums there was the tale of someone who'd spent £lots on what was basically a Ti pattern parts build, only to be disappointed once it became clear that just replicating the tube dimensions made it very noodly.


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