• Has there been much said about how people are expected to charge electric cars?
    Will it be permissible to have a cable suspended over a foot path I've not seen this anywhere yet.

  • The lack of charging infrastructure is, of course, a well-known problem. For the most part, charging at home is only really available to those with private off-street car parking. You definitely shouldn't run a cable across the footway.

    At the moment, everything is in a sort of floating pilot stage. The car industry hasn't fully committed to electric cars yet, alternative fuels like LPG are being used by some, and there's no proper regulatory environment. It'll be a while.

    Meanwhile, as with every 'innovation', there's the obvious risk that electric car use could 'greenwash' high energy usage in individual mobility and even increase it. It won't be a solution; the only solution is to reduce energy usage.

  • I think its going to need to be addressed pretty quickly.
    Many cold countries charge or keep the battery live, running a cable over/ across footpaths. Best to work out how this is best done ahead of a surge of ownership.