• Why I don’t vote Birdy;

    They don’t fold. Like seriously, that’s not a folding bike. Nothing holds the bars in place, they just flop on top. It’s still huge and awkward to carry.

    The build quality isn’t worth the cost. I dare you to stick a finger inside the cable routing holes, have a plaster ready.

    Ride style, bounce bounce isn’t my cuppa. Even with wanting comfort that’s just like riding a treacle sponge.

    Disc brakes and Rohloff, yeah, cool. - fit them to a Brompton for you too.

    I don’t feel them to be anywhere near as refined, I understand the desire for bigger wheels / wider tyres, speak to Vincent at Eerder metaal and your Brompton can become a lot more capable...

    A brompton accelerates quicker, has a more precise ride feel and is much easier to work with. Plenty of dealers for support, less so for Birdy.

    Hopping on a bus or train while commuting or touring is not so easy with a Birdy due to size and shape. They don’t sit still when folded.

    It’s not my cuppa, I’m sure plenty disagree and find no issue!


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