• O.k how to remove stuck cotters. The spider gets in the way of mounting my press. Bashing is just bending the cotter. Any bright ideas. I hate cotters. I might get a strong light 47d for this bike.

  • What crankset is it? Is there no-way you can fir the chainring after the cranks/cotters have been fitted. ?

  • Have you tried support between the underneath of the crank and the ground with a bit of sturdy pipe, undo the nut a couple of turns, place a sturdy drift on the top of the nut and give it a hard blow with a big hammer? You really have to hit it, don’t fuck about!

  • Jonny69's method should work fine (as with all his techniques) . You might try some penetrating oil and heat as well if you're not confident.

    It's important that the blow with the hammer should be straight on, not an angle, which will bend the threaded part of the pin.

    As for hating cotter pins, I can honestly say that in recent years I've had to deal with far more problems relating to square taper cranks than with cotter pins.These have been mostly relatives and friends who have failed to notice slight movement on their cotterless crank and only asked me about it after causing irrepairable damage. Even if a cotter pin does come loose, it's usually only the pin itself that suffers, and this is easy to replace.


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