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  • Halloween 3 v 3 - Shuffle tournament rules

    PLAYERS THAT AREN’T IN COSTUME MUST HAVE ONE OF OUR SPOOKY shots before every game they are thrown into. They are also unable to play in the final.
    (A hat or a bit of fake blood does not count as a costume)

    Tournament starts at 12:30, sharp!
    First six players to arrive can start playing straight away. Already starting to win points for being on the winning team. (IT PAYS TO BE ON TIME THIS TIME)

    10 Pin Bowling
    Just before we start the last round:

    The top six players have one ball each, to shoot from the ¾ court line to attempt to knock over as many skittles as possible.
    All lower ranking players have two balls each, to shoot from the ½ way line.
    Each skittle is worth one point, this gives the lower ranked players an opportunity to make it into the final.

    Tournament final to start at 20:30, sharp!
    3 highest ranking players go into a head to head pumpkin carving contest to see who will be crowned the SCARIEST champion.

    Every player votes on their favourite pumpkin.
    Carving time is limited to the same time as a standard match, 12 minutes.
    Players may bring their own carving implements, but basic tools will be provided.

    **** EXTRA POINTS GAMES ****

    Halloween mini golf
    At any point during the day, players can request to play a round of Halloween mini golf. Players must use their mallet (no bike required) to put the ball into pumpkin hole.

    +1 point for getting the ball in the pumpkin / -1 point for missing the pumpkin

    To be allowed to play a round of mini golf players must consume 1 x SPOOKY shot

    Please note, the starting location of the ball is determined by the tournament organisers.

    Please also be aware that: consuming more shots / having a great costume / giving us stuff /
    / doing nice stuff for or to us / may reflect favourably on the balls starting position.

    Apple bobbing
    At any point during the day players can request to partake in apple bobbing.
    To partake players must consume one SPOOKY shot.
    ½ a point per apple, 1 point if the apple is then consumed in under 2 minutes (including core).


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