• Been some time since I updated this. Finished the build and I've been riding it for months. Wanted a surly 24 pack rack to complement the forks, but surly have some sort of recall notice out on those at the moment and so they're currently not for sale - hence the pizza rack.

    The bike has been absolutely great so far. I appreciate the retro crowd that wanted to see a more authentic build, but bad sus forks, 26" wheels and an old groupset just don't make any sense for a commuter. It's not like this bike was ever worth anything anyway, and I'd rather be using it every day than leave it rusting in the back of the shed.

  • I've just caught this thread, great Saturday "morning" reading.
    I started writing this full of ideas of 26" and bolt on cogs and plush comfy fixed life but realised it might be impossible with an eccentric hub.


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