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  • two Zwift races


    I was going to go with a mate. Glad I didn't bother if this is the kind of shit they're pulling. I already have to watch their ads 20x a fucking day. Don't ruin my live sport too.

  • TBF It was U21s doing the Zwift racing and it's good for them to get the opportunity but I'm sure they would rather race on the actual fucking velodrome they have to stare at from the turbo they're sweating their tits off on in the track centre..

  • It's a fucking 6 Day! You telling me they can't schedule the U21s onto the track? They manage for a one-night race in Oz.

    I'm so sick of Zwift advertising, in whatever form it takes. The Zwift/BC debacle is embarassing and this is nonsense.

  • It's roasting in track center when the windows are closed too.


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