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  • I think that's the problem. To have any chance of achieving the goals like zero carbon emissions in 5 or even 10 years you have to create an extremely oppressive society and a war time style economy focused on that one goal. Most people realise something should be done but at the same time think "let's see what happens, maybe I am one of the lucky ones".

    Just look at todays reaction at the tube station and imagine the reaction when all petrol cars are banned within a year.

  • Interesting that you relate it to war.

    WWII and the solidarity of the British experience is something often referenced by the Brexitiers. TBH even older people I know who are anti-Brexit but remember post-war rationing etc. have a certain fondness for that Blitz spirit.

    Could that trope be used by climate activists?

    I mean if Cameron could run on a we're all in this together platform, why can't that narrative be co-opted by XR/similar?

  • why can't that narrative be co-opted by XR/similar?

    Because it’s miserable.

    So I suppose yeah why not.


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