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  • That's the message they're getting across. 'you think this is bad, just wait'. Its not just low lying pacific rim islands that are at threat.

    Yes, I get the idea behind that, and it is in principle entirely true of course. The problem is that being right doesn't mean that your methods necessarily work out. And especially if you are trying to actually achieve change, just pissing off a few people using the tube is not constructive at all, it might very well be the opposite.

  • Limit their action to those which are least likely to create a negative perception among the public.

    Look at the anti-Trump protests as an example that was generally well received by the wider public. Not saying they need to copy it, but there are lots of way to keep people on board.

  • Target the wealthy, privileged, and politically powerful. Not one of the most underprivileged areas in the UK. I'd like to cite Wikipedia on this:

    Canning Town however remains among the 5 per cent most deprived areas in the UK, with many long term residents suffering from poor health, low education and poverty.

    Especially if you're claiming to be 'woke' to the whole context of capitalism, how is it defensible to cause more disruption to the lives of some of the poorer parts of London? It just feels intrinsically wrong. It feels like self-appointed saviours from more privileged backgrounds preaching to mostly less privileged people, merrily ignoring the actual power structure of the country.


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