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  • I can't think of anything worse (OK I can) than riding on Route 1. Endless brutal wind and tourists wizzing by on a narrow road at 80kph. Did they ride in the night to get pictures of empty roads?! Think that's the only way I'd do it, middle of summer but flip the time and ride in the 'night'.

    Do really want to go back and ride through the middle though.­ivide/

  • "If you’re looking for a relaxing cycling holiday I honestly don’t think you could choose a less suitable destination."

    "Cycling around Iceland is strictly for masochists!"

    "the roads in the south east weren’t actually that great for cycling. If all you want to do is ride your bike in Iceland, then I would head straight to the Western Fjords where there are far less cars and some mind-blowing stretches of road"

    "The Eastern Fjords were much like their spectacular counterparts in the west except there were far more cities and more tourists making their way up from Reykjavik"

    I guess if you're going to film/photo bits you're not going to include the shitty, heavily trafficked areas:­TQ8


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