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  • These are the people that these protests are trying to target. Systemic change needs to come from the top

    So why are London's average commuters in buses and tubes being impeded on their way to work? Not exactly the elites of the elites in there. It's easy for those 'very senior people' and 'serious private equity people' etc. to be congratulatory when they're being driven past in their Maybach.

    just stop going on and on and on and on. It's tiresome.

    Yeah, sorry, but you will need to be able to take sustained criticism. Things like 'stop your bleating' etc. are not helping your PR effort.

  • Can take sustained criticism. Just bored by his overly self regarding bullshit.

    The point, if you have read about it is to create serious disruption in order to force change. Because this will pale into insignicance in 10 or so years when we go past the point of no return. Blathering uselessly about commuters being late for work is just hot air. So just calling his bullshit out for what it is. And I'm not alone

  • overly self regarding bullshit

    Funny, that's exactly what I thought about your account of how you rub shoulders with super important people and how they all loved you.

    create serious disruption in order to force change

    Causal. Link. Where is it?

    Repeating the line of 'forcing change' doesn't mean you've explained it. Actions such as the one in Canning Town, how specifically is this 'forcing change'?

    Blathering uselessly about commuters being late for work is just hot air.

    Sure sounds like you actually can't take the criticism and instead just like to call it 'blathering' and 'bleating'. You will have to accept that XR's methods will be examined and criticised. And yes, the questions of "why are you blocking normal people trying to get to work in one of the more environmentally-friendly modes of transport available" will not stop. So far I have not heard a convincing answer.

    Finally, as I've said before, it's worth remembering that the people you're arguing with here, including myself, are actually on the same side of the issue. I can be pretty radical in some of my views, including on capitalism etc., and yet (or maybe also partially because of that) I'm not convinced by this approach. How many of the people in Canning Town who might not care as much to begin with do you think have been won over?


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