• Hard Day in January 2020

    In 1959 @clubman went for a 90 mile ride on his fixed wheel bike in the cold January weather (he was 13!). It was hard as you might imagine. To commemorate his ride we run something similar appropriately named the Hard Day in January. This is the 2020 edition. In the past the roads used were around the Chilterns, however this year the ride will be taking in the Kent Downs. It should be good fun!

    This is intended as a fixed gear / single-speed ride. It is a little hillier this year, but still but still nothing too steep to cope with on a reasonable gear, say 67-75gi. The idea here is that it's a winter ride and so a fg/ss ride should make it hard enough to be worth getting out whilst still being fun. Also don't let the title mislead you, it's not about 'suffering' on the day or any such bullshit - it's about running a fun but hard ride in the winter.

    Start time and location
    Maybe subject to change but regardless will start in West Kent and the ride will head East before looping back. Provisionally start near Maidstone East station - I'll round up a suitable place to stay warm and get some pre-ride food closer to the time. There are plenty of trains from London, or ride out if you're feeling particularly strong - it's +30 miles. I'll update this thread nearer the date with the most useful train times.

    TBC but will have ~4.5k ft (1400m) of climbing. There will be a stop for lunch. Mudguards and flaps are strongly encouraged.

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