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  • Getting a disc fork for my Steamroller and going down the 650b, fat tyres route.

    Orlowski have quoted me 182 euros inc shipping for replica fork with IS mounts in Reynolds steel.

    I have emailed Omnium about their CXC forks which have the same rake but are 5mm shorter and they do them in matt black, vivid blue or green and ask 649 dkk for them, which google says is just £78, with shipping on top.

    So custom built replica forks or ones a fraction shorter but for half the price. Hive mind aid me.

  • You could also ask omnium about the long cxc fork's axle-to-crown measurement.

    The crown is about 2cm thick so wheel has to be under radius 35cm on the short version = max 50-55mm 650b tire without mudguards? (try measuring a 650b wheel to get an idea of size)


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