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  • was back home in london this weekend and went to turn on my xbone and it's stone cold dead. it's only been used about 3 times this year as I'm never there but can't imagine why that would cause it to kick the bucket. in the past I've had to reset the power supply by unplugging everything and leaving it for a minute but this time it didn't do anything.

    not sure if I should just stick with the ps4 pro until the next lot of consoles come out or get an xbone s so I can still play my existing games if i get the fancy.

    annoyingly it was the easiest way for me to watch nba league pass on my telly as it's one of the few platforms which has the app available. going to have to get a roku just for that now as the new season starts this month. anyways yankee bouncyball thread >>>>>>


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