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  • I’m thinking about changing the old heavy brake rotors for some stainless ones, possibly floating too.
    But there are none made for my bike.
    Can I take the measurements from the old rotors and put them in some kind of database somewhere to find the ones for another brand/model that are the closest fit?
    I’m not afraid to fettle a bit to make it work, but if at least the bcd was the same it would be a lot less work.

  • If you go for a two piece rotor system then you'd have though it would be pretty simple to get a custom rotor drilled and machined. I guess the challenge is if the circumfunce of your drill pattern is super small and all the cnc ones start with a pattern.

    My starting point would be to drop EBC an email with the the bcd numbers and a diagram asking about custom rotors.

    What bike is it?

    Worth noting heavy non-stainless discs are likely to give better braking performance.


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