• Prosecutor Michael Duck QC told the court that a tray-table, a sat-nav
    system, a fan, ornaments and other items had been placed on the centre
    of the 32-tonne Scania's dashboard.

    Bradbury admitted that had the table not been there, he would have
    seen Bull.

    Asked why he had the tray table, Bradbury said: "Just so I could be
    one of the lads. They all had one so I got one."

    The table’s presence would have meant an MOT failure. Bradbury said he
    wasn’t aware of this.

    "There was no indication of that at all. I was just told to tidy up as
    it was going in for its MOT."

    Duck asked: "Did it really take the death of a young lady to tell you
    that was dangerous?"

    Bradbury replied, "Beforehand, I had never had an issue with the table
    at all."

    Asked if he knew who was at fault for the accident, Bradbury said: "It
    was six of one and half-a-dozen of the other."



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