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  • Yeah deffo- you have to be going for it a bit but any hard braking / lean / downshift combo will be enough to get things wagging. I don't ride that fast anymore so not an issue for me these days! :)

  • Definitely squeeky bum moment, on the plus side though blipping on downshifts has improved.

  • Quickshifters and blippers are awesome. End of. This is the same argument that people had regarding certain daily use tech. Eventually it becomes the norm; it's also a natural progression as far as I'm concerned. Almost like hydraulics on Bicycles.

    I understand the argument for 'purity' and all that marlarky, and as a bit of a luddite, I don't care much for the whole spectrum of electronics in modern bikes, but those two, especially quick shifters, really are pretty awesome and make riding that bit better.
    Next bike will have a quick shifter for sure as it really enjoyed using it.

    Also, your bike is distressingly clean. I hate you.


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