• real estate....Spain

    Almost all the IFAs I know have basically relocated to the Costa d/S for 50-90% of their time. There are exceptions but the consensus is that if you're buying and not Spanish you'll be mugged off beginning to end. However cheap a property you think you are getting you're probably overpaying, you'll be stymied at every turn when doing any building work, and you won't be able to sell it.

    Whereas you can rent supervillain like pads for relatively little €s.

  • I know some locals who might be able me avoid the 'English Pig' phenomena. As far as buying goes that's a fair way off. First gotta see if the missus enjoys Spain as much as I did, then gotta see if I can move out there with my work, then I'd have to rent somewhere to get the vibe of the joint and then I might consider the buying bit. Then again some of the places are so fucking cheap I could just sell some shit in this flat to afford a place to store some bikes in.


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