• ---Noob question---
    Taking my bike on the track for the first time next weekend. I'm pretty happy with the set-up generally but I'm dithering on tyres. I have a choice between Conti GP 23mm (slick centre with very shallow rain channels on the shoulders) or Vittoria Tri Evo 22mm (slick and much tinier than I'm used to! Not ridden these yet).

    Is there much in it? I'm temped to return the Vittorias and just keep the tyres I'm used to riding.

  • Which track, Newport?

    Some indoor tracks don’t allow Vittoria tyres as the compound lacks grip on wood or something. I’m sure there was a thread on here about it.

  • If it was here (Glasgow) you’d not be getting on with either of those tyres.

    Conti dont make a track clincher and while Vittoria do, something with ‘Tri’ in the name sounds much more like a road tyre. If it’s slick it might ‘slip under the radar’ but it might also slip on the track and then you’re likely take out a bunch of other riders...


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