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  • Not worthy of its own thread, but I have finally built my first bike, and first fixed at that. I'm sure I have committed a vast amount of bike sins, both mechanical and aesthetic, but I'm pretty happy none the less.

    The plan was something practical, but fun to ride when I didn't want to lug my tourer around town, maybe be able to lock it outside a shop too so in the long run will be ratted up.

    Along the way I learned how to set up and fit caliper brakes, switch a chain, fit and remove bars (we all have to start somewhere)

    The chain needs a link or two removed but I wanted to take it for a spin to make sure everything else is ok

    Still to come:

    2 bottle cages
    One of those clip on rear fenders
    Something to protect the frame from the bars

    Inside is how it came, outside is after it's built.

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  • I'm sure I have committed a vast amount of bike sins

    Don't worry, your photography sins are worse. ;)

    Bike's looking good! Would put a tad more tension on the chain if I were you.

  • So chuffed with how it's come out! You might find the levers a little more comfortable rotated down (clockwise as we see them from drive-side).
    Will you be out and on this tomorrow??


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