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  • I quite like this detail

    Anyway. The 34mm Exposures seated almost perfectly on the rim (19mm inner width) with a bit of soapy water and a floor pump. No problems whatsoever. I added the sealant and they lost air over night. Pumped them up again the next day and they've held air ever since. Pretty smooth so far. Pumped them up to 5 bar (70psi) but might go lower depending on the conditions

    I bled the whole system yesterday. I started out by opening the bleed port screw on the caliber and the lever after disassembling, cutting and re-fitting the hose. Apparently there was still some (quite a lot) of dot fluid left in the champer of the caliber. After opening the bleed port on the lever it had created some sort of pressure which was then released and... Soaked my non-workshop floor and made a mess. Wasn't prepared for that

    The process of bleeding the actual brake system went smooth as butter though.

    Now i just need to adjust the rear mech, find some pedals, install bar tape and it's ready for the first test ride


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