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  • Project Lynskey still not made much progress. Sram red 22 RH shifter paddle wasn't sitting flush with the brake lever. Wasn't too bothered at first but then i realised it'd probably drive me up to wall having the LH paddle sitting flush and the RH not.

    Bit of research seems to suggest that the paddle not sitting flush is a defect - so returned shifter to Wiggle 2 and half weeks ago. Still heard nothing back despite lots of promises to get in contact.
    Saw the same shifter on sale, bought one so I could get it fitted and get the bike finished. New shifter paddle ALSO doesn't fit flush. Am wondering, is it supposed to be like that or have i just got unlucky 2x in a row?

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  • My Red and force shifters don't sit flush on the RH but do the LH (well not the force as it's 1X)


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