• Michael Wacker carries one of those on ultras and having just had to fck around during TransIb with a tiny pump, I'm probably going to buy one. They're only 50g or so heavier than Lezyne's minipumps and actually get decent pressure before they overheat and blow o-rings.

  • I felt the shame when @Howard took the p out of the pump as Ive had one on my touring/gravelle bike for years. Its actually very good and many people have borrowed it rather than using their lil' dinky pumps.

  • Sure they look big and bulky but everyone wants to use one when it's crunch time. My superlight Lezyne worked but I'd have to inflate the tyres in two goes, riding underpressured for a while, in between. This works when you're mostly on the road but now imagine the tyre volume is doubled and I'm riding 90% gravel. I put a Mini Floor Drive (or whatever they're called) on my shopping list as soon as I got back from Transiberica.

    My exact note in my todo list:
    "Pump, bigger with pressure (https://www.wiggle.co.uk/lezyne-micro-fl­oor-drive-hp-abs-pump/)"


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