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  • I'm popping to Albania later this week, with a very vague plan to bob around Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia and come back from Bulgaria. Anyone know anything about cycling in the area? How are roads, people, conditions, what's the attitude to wild camping, chances of finding vegan eats, what's unmissable to see?

  • Also, enter and exit Kosovo via Serbia, as you may have problems leaving Serbia if you went Albania-Kosovo-Serbia.

  • @Kurai - I wish I’d read this before cycling a monster climb from Pristina to the Serb border only to be turned away for some bullshit reason (no national ID card - not every country has ID cards, pricks!) because they’re still butthurt that they can’t have an empire anymore.

    Had to backtrack round southern Kosovo into Macedonia and lost a lot of time, just because the Serbs are fucking Vogons.


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