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  • Slugs have been my biggest issue this year so will be going full bore from now on. I'll to avoid the pellet is I can but will try nematodes, submerged cups of beer, marigolds, nasturtiums and maybe see if I can interest a hedgehog in a home on my plot.

    On a sad note I chopped down the cooking apple tree yesterday evening. It's in the way and the yield has been awful this year as well as it looking pretty ratty.

  • Marigolds always look great as well as being an awesome accompanying plant.
    Nasturtiums look lovey but shit do they come back forever. I planted them once and they still creep up in the most random places.

    'With over 20,000 classified species, and a possible million unclassified, nematodes are the most numerous multicellular animals on earth' - Just read this, wow!

    I have considered these in the past and would be interested how you get on with them.

    The only other thing you can do is keep a super tidy plot but it's normally in vain at allotment sites as they'll just crawl in from someone else's plot.


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